Simplify WordPress Registration and Social Login with Hellō

Give users a choice on how they sign up for your WordPress site with Hellō Login. Image prompted and edited by Chris Heuer with MidJourney.

WordPress administrators who want to reduce comment spam, provide restricted content or offer ecommerce on their site have several options. While some admins may choose to use the built-in WordPress registration and login process, the wise WordPress admin will offer users a choice using a social login plugin. 

With social login, users can register and log in to your WordPress site using their existing social accounts such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, or GitHub, eliminating the need for them to create and remember yet another username and password. This creates a better user experience, increased conversion, and more return visitors.

Until now, WordPress social login plugins have been tedious to configure, requiring hours to set up. On top of that, most require you to purchase a premium license for more than the basic services.

That ends now with Hellō Login, our FREE WordPress plugin which offers the simplest social login solution for WordPress sites. With Hellō Login, you give users their choice of which service to use without having to configure each one separately. We’ve already done that work for you, and will continue to add more services over time.

Configuring and Using Hellō Login for SSO is Simple

Configuring Hellō for WordPress is quick and easy. In just seven clicks you are up and running. Hellō supports all popular ways to login, including Apple, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Line, Microsoft, Twitch, Twitter, Yahoo, email, phone, and even Web3 wallets like Metamask. Hellō has been optimized to work well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

According to the CEO of a WordPress development agency:

“Hellō Login is simple to install and easy to use. It makes my developers more productive, saving them time and effort as they work on one client site after another.” 

Hellō Login verifies a user’s email address before they register for your site, ensuring that users are providing a legitimate email address, which can help decrease comment spam and fake accounts. With Hellō, users manage their own accounts and credentials by visiting, reducing account management work for WordPress admins, giving you back your valuable time to do more meaningful work.

Hellō Login, Simple Social Login for WordPress

The plugin is free to use and is actively maintained by Hello Identity Co-op, founded by Dick Hardt, a thought leader in internet identity who led the design of the OAuth 2 protocol.

Download and install the Hellō Login plugin today and let your users enjoy a hassle-free registration and login experience with their preferred SSO identity provider.

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